The perfect comforter... only 3 steps away!


       Choosing a comforter size is easy… just make sure the comforter is the same size or slightly bigger than your duvet cover.



Down Filled Comforters - filled with soft, three-dimensional down clusters.  The unique quality of the cluster is that it traps and holds air which provides warmth without the weight. Our premium white down meets hypoallergenic standards.


Down Alternative Comforters - filled with a polyester man-made fiber that has been developed to closely mimic the properties of down.  Polyester is naturally hypoallergenic and is a great option if you have down/feather allergies.




Winter - the “Winter” warmth level is the warmest and “puffiest” option.  This insert will be sure to deliver that big puffy cloud-like look.  If you are thinking in might be too warm to sleep under but you still want the big puffy cloud-like look, there is an easy fix…tri-fold it at the end of your bed and sleep under our down blanket instead.  Problem solved!


Fall - the “Fall” warmth level is an ideal all-season weight for many climates. Your sleep temperature preferences (both in-home & natural body temperature) should also be considered before making your choice, as Fall can be ideal for some but still a bit too warm for others.


Summer - the “Summer” warmth level is our lightest weight comforter. This is the perfect choice for all the warm-blooded people.  Remember, down is a very insulating fill, and a little does go a long way!


Down Filled Blanket -  the blanket is clearly a “fan favorite”. You can layer it under your duvet insert to add extra sleeping warmth or you can make it your only go-to choice for those hot summer months.  Don’t forget the most important job for this blanket…the couch blankie!  This blanket is the perfect go-to gift item.