The perfect pillow... only 3 steps away!


       Standard - 20”x26”, Queen - 20”x30”, King - 20”x36” and Euro Square -26”x26”.



     Three options, three feels!  


Down Filled Pillows – are filled with soft, three-dimensional down clusters.  The unique quality of the cluster is that it traps and holds air making for a very plush feeling pillow. Down pillows tend to contour to your head and neck.  Our premium white down meets hypoallergenic standards. 


Down Alternative Filled Pillows – are filled with a polyester man-made fiber that has been developed to closely mimic the properties of down.  Polyester is naturally hypoallergenic and is a great option if you have down/feather allergies.


Down & Feather Filled Pillows – are filled with a blend of down and feathers. The higher percentage of feathers will provide a higher percentage of firmness.  As mentioned above down is a soft three-dimensional cluster that traps and holds air.  Feathers, on the other hand have spines/quills, but did you know that Down Direct's feathers have an arc to them? This allows them to flatten when your head is at rest and then rebound when your head is removed.




Soft - features the pliability factor that is needed to knead, ball or scrunch the pillow into the perfect shape for nestling. A great choice for stomach sleepers.


Medium - offers the perfect mix of medium support with a hint of softness.  Medium fits most sleeping styles.


Firm - offers the most neck and shoulder support.  A great choice for back sleepers. 


Tip: Take a page from five-star hotels and layer your bed with varying firmness levels of sleeping pillows, this way you will have a pillow to fit every nights’ sleeping needs.